Record Store Day Italia 2019 > Bardo Pond - Big Laughing Jym

Bardo Pond

Big Laughing Jym


Event: Record Store Day Italia 2019
Release Date: 4/13/2019
Format: LP
Label: Fire Vinyl
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release


1000 only. Purple vinyl edition. First time on vinyl since initial press in 1995. ' Big Laughing Jym' follows 1994' s ' Bufo Alvarius' and between 1996' s ' Amanita' , inducing tenebral states with their sludgy yet beguiling psychedelic rock. On ""Dispersion" and "Clearhead" whirlpools of bass, feedback-clogged flute, and John and Michael Gibbons' high-dosage, irradiated guitars, are definitive Pond." (AllMusic). The record also includes ' Hummingbird Mountain II (A Return Trip' ) and ' Dragonfly' . "Playing fuzzed out stuff of stoner dreams since the mid ' 90s." Pitchfork // "Today they stand as an elder statesman at the epicentre of an international underground of psychedelic extremists" Sunday Times // "They' re still making jaw-droppingly visceral spine-tingling music" Shindig // Track List 1 - Dispersion 2 - Respite 3 - Clearhead 4 - Champ 5 - Soaked 6 - Hummingbird Mountain II 7 - BLJ