Record Store Day Italia 2019 > Blaha - The Calming Room


The Calming Room


Event: Record Store Day Italia 2019
Release Date: 4/13/2019
Format: LP
Label: God Unknown
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release


Made using an eco-mix vinyl. Eco-mixed vinyl is produced using recycled vinyl pellets and is a perfect option if you are wary of the environmental impacts of large scale manufacturing. BLAHA is the solo project of Mike Blaha from Minneapolis surf-psych band The Blind Shake (Castle Face Records) and picks up where they left off on Celebrate Your Worth, with their roots firmly in tangled post-punk while exploring psych, power-pop, garage, and surf punk. Itís convulsive and contagious, swirling around in circles that pound with a force and an undiminished groove. Now functioning as a quartet BLAHA are one of the most prolific bands around.†