Record Store Day Italia 2019 > Jazz Butcher - Sex And Travel

Jazz Butcher

Sex And Travel


Event: Record Store Day Italia 2019
Release Date: 4/13/2019
Format: LP
Label: Fire Vinyl
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release


1000 only. First time on vinyl since 1985. Black Vinyl, Obi Strip. "Disaffected tales of cold war, melancholia and boozy heartbreak" Mojo // "A great album" Allmusic // Reissued for the first time on vinyl since 1985 for Record Store Day. One of the final two releases on Glass, 1985' s mini-LP ' Sex And Travel' offered a broadening perspective and ' retained a loose, playful approach to guitar pop' (Pitchfork). Competence and European travel beget a narrative akin to an impressionistic cold war spy movie, a "mess of styles" that became coherent. "A great album" mused All Music before comparing JB mainman Pat Fish to Ray Davies circa 1969. It' s an "accidental" concept album prone to fleeting melancholy. Track List 1 Big Saturday 2 Holiday 3 Red Pets 4 Only A Rumour 5 President Reagan' s Birthday Present 6 What' s The Matter Boy 7 Walk With The Devil 8 Down The Drain