Record Store Day Italia 2019 > Serge Gainsbourg - Avant Gainsbarre

Serge Gainsbourg

Avant Gainsbarre


Event: Record Store Day Italia 2019
Release Date: 4/13/2019
Format: LP
Label: Vinyl Passion
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release


1LP on Green Vinyl . No matter how provocative, edgy and anti-hero the guy was, every French person of every age loved and still loves Serge. He isn' t like anyone else. For many French people, Gainsbourg belongs in their national heritage alongside wine, the Tour de France, gastronomy and the Eiffel Tower! His influence on pop music is enormous. Numerous national and international artists of today are indebted to him, including Beck, Air, Nouvelle Vague, Sonic Youth, Vive La Fête and Goldfrapp. He was both a top composer and a top lyricist with a real gift for wordplay. This collection from the late fifties/early sixties recalls the era when the world became acquainted with Gainsbourg' s brilliant songs like "La Poinconneur Des Lilas", "L' Eau A La Bouche" and "Black Trombone".