Record Store Day Italia 2019 > The Bevis Frond - North Circular

The Bevis Frond

North Circular


Event: Record Store Day Italia 2019
Release Date: 4/13/2019
Format: LP Box Set
Label: Fire
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release


1000 only. Long out of print, The Bevis Frond' s ' North Circular' is released on triple blue vinyl for Record Store Day. "Brilliant hook-driven pop songs" Pitchfork // "Nick Saloman is psychedelia' s true acid minstrel, equally at home lulling his listeners with an acoustic guitar as bulldozing them with an electric." Aural Innovations // The cavalcade of melodies is nothing short of ideal for an anticlockwise cruise from Woolwich Ferry through the Lea Valley, past Muswell Hill, Neasden and off to the Ace Café for a fry up with a gaggle of Frond-friendly bikers air guitaring the epic ' The Stranger' s Mirror' . Get your kicks on the A406. Every inch the endless Ballardian road trip - a journey filled with contemplative rites of passage dialogue, riddled with more than a few issues to resolve.

A1 Star Burn Out A2 Hole Song # 2 A3 The Sun Room A4 Eyeshine A5 He Had You B1 That' s Why You Need Us B2 Where The Old Boys Go B3 The Pips B4 Blew Me Out C1 Love Is C2 Heritage Coast C3 Stay At Home Girl D1 Growing Up D2 The Wind Blew All Around Me D3 There' s Always One D4 Book D5 Psychedelic Unknowns E1 You Make Me Feel E2 Revival E3 Gold And Silver E4 Her Father' s Daughter F1 Stoneground Head F2 Timothy' s Powders F3 For Want Of You F4 The Stranger' s Mirror F5 Story Ends