Record Store Day Italia 2020 > Pete Rock - Petestrumentals 3

Pete Rock

Petestrumentals 3


Event: Record Store Day Italia 2020
Release Date: 6/20/2020
Format: LP
Label: Tru Soul Records
Release type: 'RSD First' Release


Pete Rock is widely recognized as one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time. His name is oft included in the pantheon of the greatest, alongside DJ Premier, RZA and J Dilla. In addition, Pete has one of the world’s most extensive vinyl collections, the sort of collection whose size can only be estimated – and that estimate stands in excess of 100,000 LPs. Among Pete’s best-selling releases are a pair of genre-defining instrumental projects, PeteStrumentals and PeteStrumentals 2.

On Record Store Day 2020, Rock’s own Tru Soul imprint turns the series into a trilogy with the release of the all new PeteStrumentals 3.

A Side
1. Say It Again 2. Cool Breeze 3. Cooley Higher 4. Everybody's Gone 5. Heavy 6. Last Night

B Side
1. Rejoice 2. So Good 3. Soul Brother's Theme 4. Swag5. Trouble Funktion 6. Come Live With Me