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Record Store Day Italia DROPS 2020 > The Detroit Cobras - Feel Good

The Detroit Cobras

Feel Good


Event: Record Store Day Italia DROPS 2020
Release Date: 8/29/2020
Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Wild Honey
Release type: RSD Drops Aug 29th

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To celebrate the first Wild Honey Records Record Store Day release ever, and a great 1-month longEuropean tour with the band few months prior of the release.  Is there an interesting story behind its recording and/ or packaging? This a steady hit in every Detroit Cobras live set, that somehow never got released on a phisical format.  As Detroit Corbas always loved B-Sides songs, FEEL GOOD will be cut in the B-Side of the single, while the art will be on the A side.   Is there anything on here that customers won't expect?  The beautiful silkscreened S side of the single, with art of Rachel Nagy from the band.