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Record Store Day Italia DROPS 2020 > Mirwais - 2016 - My Generation


2016 - My Generation


Event: Record Store Day Italia DROPS 2020
Release Date: 10/24/2020
Format: Vinyl - Color
Label: Productions 50/50
Release type: RSD Drops Oct 24th

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'2016 - My Generation': a momentous comeback for Mirwais, two decades on from his classic 'Production' album.

It all started in 2016 with an idea Mirwais had for a music video to promote his upcoming single ​'2016 - My Generation'.

The idea led Mirwais and co-founder of graphic design studio H5/creator of the Oscar winning 'Logorama' animated short Ludovic Houplainto work together on a fascinating ten-minute short entitled 'My Generation​'.

Since its 2017 release, the film 'My Generation​', produced and scored almost liturgically by Mirwais, made the rounds of festivals, winning several prizes worldwide.

It presents itself as a backwards travelling shot during which all of our pop culture moment gimmicks collide at 100 km/h: sex, the net, art, politics, sports, stocks, big pharma and big porno from Hitler speeches to Trump contemporary analogues.

Flash forward to 2020, and it is this very six-minute pop-litical critique of our era's societal excesses that Mirwais chose as the music video for his new single ​'2016 - My Generation', set to be released during the coming fall American presidential election.

A sonic deflagration that heralds a new album from one of Madonna's most iconic collaborators, succeeding, two decades later, the now-classic ​'Production'. A punchy, percussive single poised between hard techno and electronic disco, sprinkled with choirs and distorted, psychedelic synths ​'2016 - My Generation'is a dance floor-ready opus bearing Mirwais inimitable signature. This way of mixing genres, of conjugating past and future, and of making pop experimental and vice-versa, cements Mirwais reputation as one of times most singular composers.