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Format: DVD
Label: BAVW
Rel. Date: 08/18/2020
UPC: 012233530711

Nirvana: Up Close and Personal
Artist: Nirvana: Up Close & Personal
Format: DVD

More Info:

Very few bands have had a musical and social impact on the world; however, in it's short but monumental career Nirvana certainly did both. Kurt Cobain's songs continue to influence a whole new generation of musicians. Featuring unique interviews with Leland Cobain, Kurt's grandfather, who helps to build a fascinating personal profile of a tortured genius; these never been seen before family recollections are complemented by a brand new interview with Tommy Udo, rock journalist and a close friend of Cobain and the rest of the band. The film features powerful footage of the band in action, both in concert and in the studio.