Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 06/28/2022
UPC: 012233536522

30 Minutes To Fitness: Power Splits With Kelly
Artist: 30 Minutes to Fitness: Power Splits with Kelly
Format: DVD

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Power Splits includes two strength workouts presented in a time-saver format and followed by a Finisher to enhance the overall effectiveness of the workouts. Workout One is an upper-body workout. Upper Split focuses on the five most commonly performed exercises for each muscle group to ensure proper form while building strength. This workout finishes with a 10 minute Boxing Finisher to trim your waistline and increase muscle definition. Equipment used: a step (or bench), moderate to heavy Dbs and EggWeights (or 1-2lb) Workout Two is a lower body strength workout. Lower Split focuses on the three most common dumbbell moves performed by avid gym-goers. This lower body session is followed by a body-weight-only Leg FInisher to promote well-toned legs and glutes. Equipment Used: moderate to heavy DBs.