Tuff Turf & Under the Boardwalk - Tuff Turf / Under the Boardwalk


Format: DVD
Label: IMGG
Catalog: 7754
Rel. Date: 12/13/2011
UPC: 014381775426

Tuff Turf / Under the Boardwalk
Artist: Tuff Turf & Under the Boardwalk
Format: DVD

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Two 80s classics on at a great low price! Tuff Turf: James Spader & Robert Downey, Jr. star in the ultimate 80s high school showdown. Morgan Hiller (James Spader), recently transplanted from an East Coast prep school where he was a known troublemaker, hopes to make a fresh start at his new school in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, he gets off on the wrong foot when he breaks up an attempted mugging by Nick Hauser (Paul Mones) and his gang, the Tuffs. Now, the Tuffs are after Morgan and it doesn't help that Nick's girlfriend Frankie (Kim Richards) is interested in the handsome newcomer. Welcome to the mean streets of Tuff Turf. Under the Boardwalk: They'll be friends, they'll be rivals. They'll be falling in love. Nick Rainwood (Richard Joseph Paul) and Allie Yorpin (Danielle von Zerneck) are a modern day Romeo and Juliet living in southern California, separated by the unbridgeable gulf of their backgrounds and torn between loyalty to their gangs and their real desires. This is a tale of two star-crossed lovers trying to overcome the rivalry, prejudice, and violence of the highly-charged surf scene, where all hopes and fears come to a head in a final surf contest - a "surf to the death" duel! Featuring the music of the Drifters, the Untouchables, Surf Punks, Smithereens and the Broadcasters.