Format: CD
Rel. Date: 01/12/2024
UPC: 014551501626

The Hard Line
Artist: Chris O'Leary
Format: CD


1. No Rest
2. Lost My Mind
3. Ain't That A Crime
4. My Fault
5. I Cry At Night
6. Things Ain't Always What They Seem
7. Lay These Burdens Down
8. Need For Speed
9. You Break It, You Bought It
10. Who Robs A Musician?
11. Funky Little Club On Decatur
12. Love's For Sale
13. No Rest
14. Lost My Mind
15. Ain't That A Crime
16. My Fault
17. I Cry At Night
18. Things Ain't Always What They Seem
19. Lay These Burdens Down
20. Need For Speed
21. You Break It, You Bought It
22. Who Robs A Musician?
23. Funky Little Club On Decatur
24. Love's For Sale

More Info:

Alligator debut from one of the blues' most talented unsung heroes, a deeply soulful vocalist, powerhouse harmonica player and gifted songwriter. The Hard Line shines with 12 striking original songs that draw from O'Leary's rich personal history. Engaging, sharp-edged observations on life and love are shot through with every-man wisdom and humor, and set to rollicking roadhouse R&B, hard Chicago blues and wrenching ballads. O'Leary's rough, riveting vocals and world-class harmonica playing set the pace throughout.