Format: CD
Label: Sunnyside
Rel. Date: 10/21/2022
UPC: 016728167123

Artist: Duduka Da Fonseca Quarteto Universal
Format: CD


1. Samba Novo
2. Transition
3. Lilia
4. Montreux
5. Bebe
6. Exodo
7. Viver de Amor
8. A Correnteza
9. West 83rd Street
10. Dona Maria

More Info:

In 2021 after enjoying a Central Park concert, drummer Duduka Da Fonseca met bassist Gili Lopes and guitarist Vinicius Gomes, both of whom said that they wanted very much to play music with him. Da Fonseca felt flattered and suggested putting together a quartet that also included pianist Helio Alves, and Quarteto Universal was born.Throughout his career, Duduka Da Fonseca has been one of the leaders in performing music that mixed together Jazz with Brazilian rhythms, featuring the most rewarding aspects of both genres. In Gomes, Lopes, and Alves he has found kindred spirits, resulting in the first recording by the group, YES!!!YES!!! features Duduka Da Fonseca and Quarteto Universal performing music that is boundary pushing, while deeply in touch with their Brazilian heritage. It is an exciting beginning for the Brazilian Jazz super band.