Format: CD
Rel. Date: 09/08/2023
UPC: 016728168120

Songs For My Daughter
Artist: Camille Bertault / Bertault,Paul
Format: CD


1. Our Love Is Here to Stay
2. Ruby My Dear
3. Syracuse
4. Chanson de Lola
5. Chelsea Bridge
6. Dindi
7. Come├žar de Novo
8. Luiza
9. Naima
10. Y decidete mi amor
11. You've Changed
12. Amour Amour
13. Winter in Aspremont

More Info:

Vocalist Camille Bertault took her first strides in music under the tutelage of her father, Paul Bertault, a pianist who dabbled in classical and jazz music. From this early inspiration, the younger Bertault took to the music and continued into a successful and celebrated career as a performer. The pair regularly play together at home and for small concerts, leading to a unique musical connection. On their new recording, Song for My Daughter, the Bertaults present a program that celebrates their bond and allows listeners a glimpse.The collaboration between Camille Bertault and Paul Bertault has been the longest and most meaningful of their lives. It is only natural that a father and daughter pairing should evince a special connection and natural but unique communication. The duo's Song for My Daughter is a heartwarming display of heart and love through music between these two.