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Format: CD
Label: HLHE
Rel. Date: 12/18/2020
UPC: 020286230748

Pale Devine
Artist: Shed the Skin
Format: CD


1. Skeletal Firestorm
2. Archons of the Final Creation
3. Trow of Tragedy
4. Master of Thralls
5. Necromantic Wellspring
6. Glorified In Bloodsmoke
7. The Laundress
8. Black Bile of Ceres
9. The Moors, The Madness
10. Veins of Perdition
11. Speculum In Blood

More Info:

Once again recorded in Cleveland and mastered by Dan Swano, The Forbidden Arts is a testament of Shed the Skin's talent and dedication to making Satanic death. Arguably the band's strongest material yet, The Forbidden Arts is also Shed the Skin's most varied work to date, including a more pronounced emphasis on haunting synth touches. But rest assured that this is still 100% Satanic death as they intended from day one - no compromise, no quarter, no wimping out. Just look no further than the cover art: another unforgettable work courtesy of James Bulloch!