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Format: DVD
Catalog: 2004953
Rel. Date: 08/06/2002
UPC: 024543049531

Super Troopers
Artist: Super Troopers [Movie]
Format: DVD


Clr/5.1/ws/fra-spa dub/spa sub

More Info:

Always looking for action, five over-enthusiastic, but under-stimulated Vermont State Troopers raise hell on the highway, keeping motorists anxiously looking in their rear view mirrors. Between an ongoing feud with the local cops over whose you-know-what is bigger and the state government wanting to shut them down, the Super Troopers find themselves patrolling the boundaries of good taste as they hilariously and unwittingly skid towards solving the crime of their lives.


It's hard not to like a movie that introduces a concept called "Afghanistanimation."Created by the comedy troupe Broken Lizard-whose five members display akind of fratty Kids in the Hall-like chemistry complete with the effortlessoddball timing and plenty of abstruse in-jokes, Super Troopers isn't exactlya good movie, but it's not really a bad one either. They even throw ina plot, which is a rare accessory for comedies nowadays. Patrolling a stretchof desolate Vermont highway, the Troopers turn speeding motorists into targetsof bizarre jokes borne of their boredom (one particularly funny bit featuresan officer seeing how many times he can say the word "meow" to a guyhe's pulled over). These bits make the picture feel like a post-ironicremake of a "Police Academy" sequel. And if it's at all possible,I mean that in a good way. For those who dare, it's also packed with outtakes,alternate scenes and plenty of extras.