Format: CD
Label: DECCA
Rel. Date: 08/27/2021
UPC: 028948516261

Artist: Voces8
Format: CD


1. By Night (Arranger Lawson)
2. Helium Life Jacket (Arranger Lawson)
3. Scene Suspended (Arranger Lawson)
4. Heyr Himna Smidur
5. A Pile of Dust (Arranger Rimmer)
6. Find Our Way (Arranger Clements)
7. Momentary [Choir Version]
8. Infinity (Arranger Lawson)
9. In the Shining Blackness
10. Still (Arranger Lawson)
11. The Universe Within You
12. My Mind Is Still
13. Ascent (Arranger Ames)
14. Atomos XI (Arranger Lawson)
15. There Is a Solitude

More Info:

2021 release. World-leading choral ensemble Voces8 blazes a trail with brand new repertoire for voices. With their transportive and meditative new album, the group transcends genre and embraces renowned composers of alternative, film, and contemporary classical music styles. The album features mesmerizing instrumental and electronic tracks presented in new choral arrangements, including five brand new works.