Format: Cassette
Rel. Date: 04/07/2023
UPC: 029667000246

Machine Gun Etiquette (Uk)
Artist: The Damned
Format: Cassette


1. Love Song
2. Machine Gun Etiquette
3. I Just Can't Be Happy Today
4. Melody Lee
5. Anti-Pope
6. These Hands
7. Plan 9 Channel 7
8. Noise, Noise, Noise
9. Looking At You
10. Liar
11. Smash It Up (Part I)
12. Smash It Up (Part Ii)

More Info:

One off re release limited edition cassette tape. Formed in 1976, The Damned were Britain's first punk rock band. By 1979 they had managed to disintegrate and re-assemble, way before it was fashionable. By then punk rock and it's neater sibling, new wave, were regularly producing real hits in the UK and The Damned were no exception, with three hit singles drawn from the "Machine Gun Etiquette" LP released that year.