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Endless Space (Between You & I)


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 07/24/2020
UPC: 032862027420

Endless Space (Between You & I)
Artist: Winter
Format: CD


1. Between You & I
2. Endless Space (Between You & I)
3. Here I Am Existing
4. Healing
5. In the Z Plan
6. Say
7. Bem No Fundo (Feat. Dinho Almeida)
8. Constellation
9. Memoria Colorida
10. Wherever You Are
11. Pure Magician

More Info:

The power of a Winter song is hard to describe, like how the delicate world building of a good book can be more compelling than real life. There's a make-believe, fairy tale surrealism that sets Winter's blend of shoegaze and psychedelia apart while existing in the same universe as the ethereal dream pop of Cocteau Twins and Melody's Echo Chamber.