Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 10/06/2023
UPC: 036172086238

Exploded Drawing - Opaque Aqua [Colored Vinyl]
Artist: Polvo
Format: Vinyl


1. Enemy Insects
2. The Fighting Kites
3. Rock Post Rock
4. The Golden Ladder
5. Downtown Dedication
6. Pulchritude
7. Twenty White Tents
8. Everything in Flames!
9. D.D. - S.R
10. El RocĂ­o
11. Lantern

More Info:

Originally released in April 1996, Exploded Drawing was generally received as Polvo's White Album, the moment when the band finally kicked off it's shoes, cracked the studio windows, and unleashed a long suite of songs showcasing the band's true range. This double LP gives it all up: paranoid blues rants, Delhi-via-the-Ozarks hoedowns, spaghetti western lopers, carnivalesque boogie, a blazing, frustrated finale, and as always, that guitar sound. It's just a little off, twisted, tweaked, coming at us from some pangaeic realm we still haven't located so many years later, and probably never will.