Format: Collectibles
Rel. Date: 09/01/2021
UPC: 045557362720

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta 5in Action Figure (Afig)
Artist: Dragon Ball Evolve Super Saiyan
Format: Collectibles

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Get transported to the fierce battles and imaginative worlds of Dragon Ball with these super exciting Dragon Ball Evolve figures. These 5-inch favorite are expertly crafted and intricately detailed with over 16 points of articulation. So authentic and realistic you may think they're the real thing.

Vegeta, the Prince of Saiyan's, is a proud Saiyan warrior. Vegeta was a ruthless, cold-blooded warrior who once tried to destroy Earth, but in time becomes a hero, fighting alongside Goku. Vegeta constantly trains to surpass Goku in power and never steps down from an opponent no matter how strong they are.

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