Janel & Anthony - New Moon In The Evil Age [Limited Edition]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/28/2024
UPC: 045775052717

New Moon In The Evil Age [Limited Edition]
Artist: Janel & Anthony
Format: Vinyl


1. New Moon
2. Boom Boom
3. Bells Ring in the Distance
4. Jamie's Song
5. Fog Curls Round Cypress
6. Slight Sense
7. Rain Falls in San Francisco
8. Rhizome
9. Pacific Grove Monarch
10. Crystal Wish
11. Surf the Dead
12. Evil Age
13. Sweet and Sour
14. Dreams Come Alive
15. Innocent Human
16. Flyover Iceland
17. Heart's Hearth
18. Dripping Prisms
19. Find a Way

More Info:

Janel Leppin : cello, keyboards, electronics, voice Anthony Pirog : guitar, electronics Janel Leppin and Anthony Pirog are frequently cited as highly influential within Washington D.C.'s respected and evolving music scene as bandleaders and creative voices. Their Cuneiform Records debut Where is Home (2012) is considered a crucial recording from the burgeoning region. The two have crafted a double-LP opus which crosses genres and mirrors their exploratory and dialogic working methods. New Moon in the Evil Age is their long-awaited follow up to Where is Home and will have immediate appeal to fans of jazz, modern composition and indie music.Janel and Anthony make it clear in conversation that New Moon in the Evil Age is a harbinger of things to come and the distillation of a twenty year process. This recording is only their third as a duo and this fact is somewhat surprising given the fact that they both have been exceptionally active over the past decade. The 19 tracks of New Moon In The Evil Age, like the years it took to record it, flash by rather quickly, which is a testament to their vision and working process. The album has a pretty clear division point, given that the first ten tracks are instrumental while the remaining nine are vocal and electronics-heavy. Rather than interpolating and ping-ponging sensibilities from song to song, the arc from soaring string interplay to synth-driven layered avant-pop is clear. Leppin remarks that "this album is organic to us. We've never been married to a particular genre and avoid limitations in our music.""