Boy Scouts - Wayfinder


Format: CD
Label: ANTI
Rel. Date: 10/01/2021
UPC: 045778783724

Artist: Boy Scouts
Format: CD


1. I Get High
2. Lighter
3. A Lot to Ask
4. Thatís Life Honey
5. Not Today
6. Charlotte
7. The Floor
8. Big Fan
9. Didnít I
10. Model Homes

More Info:

On Wayfinder, the follow-up to the acclaimed 2019 album Free Company, Oakland-based songwriter Taylor Vick, under her songwriting moniker Boy Scouts, chases down lifeís queries to the very edge of the horizon. This is an album thatís not afraid to track down what it all means -- how life unspools around the monoliths of love and death, the heavy knots of even quotidian conflict, the task of carrying your own suffering with you day after day, the challenge of meeting other people out here in the tangled expanse of living. In a warm, expansive style that recalls the raw punctures of Lucinda Williams and Alex G, Vick once again shows herself to be a fearless seeker shedding light on the unanswerable.

Vickís true superpower is her voice. Strands of slide guitar, organ, and strings ring under her affable, ex- pressive voice, bolstering layers and layers of harmony. There is something so honest about her songs, they feel like a late-night therapy session with your best friend.