Art Moore - Art Moore [LP]


Format: Vinyl
Label: ANTI
Rel. Date: 11/04/2022
UPC: 045778793716

Art Moore [LP]
Artist: Art Moore
Format: Vinyl


1. Muscle Memory
2. Sixish
3. Snowy
4. Bell
5. A Different Life
6. Rewind
7. October
8. Habit
9. Something Holy
10. Inspiration and Fun

More Info:

Art Moore make vivid, heartbreaking short stories. Each song on the newly formed band’s self-titled debut album is its own individual universe of bittersweet feeling: a brief snapshot of a moment in time that captures the fragility and occasional impossibility of human connection. These songs are deft character studies, zeroing in on shy beginners, jilted friends and friendly exes, chronicling minute moments—road trips, casual dates, games of truth or dare—with rich detail and subtle wit. Featuring the inimitable songwriting of beloved Oakland luminary Taylor Vick of Boy Scouts set in sharp relief against lush production from Ezra Furman collaborators Sam Durkes and Trevor Brooks, it’s a quietly wondrous record — a set of songs that sketch out the struggle and beauty of coping with everyday life. These are songs about tiny, unspoken feelings rendered on a grand scale, moments that often get brushed aside given the weight that they should be. Across these ten stories, Vick, Brooks and Durkes
are unsparing in their focus but remarkably generous in their artistry — three pairs of steady, even hands crafting one fine, precious object.