MJ Lenderman - Manning Fireworks


Format: CD
Label: ANTI
Rel. Date: 09/06/2024
UPC: 045778801329

Manning Fireworks
Artist: MJ Lenderman
Format: CD


1. Manning Fireworks
2. Joker Lips
3. Rudolph
4. Wristwatch
5. She's Leaving You
6. Rip Torn
7. You Don't Know the Shape I'm in
8. On Me Knees
9. Bark at the Moon

More Info:

Mj Lenderman is a songwriter born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina. The anatomy of an MJ record might go something like this: warped pedal steels and skuzzed out guitar; crackin' a cold one with some buds; a voice reminiscent of the high-lonesome warble of a choirboy. Songs snake their way from a lo-fi home recording to something glossier made with longtime friends at Asheville's Drop of Sun studios, but the recording setting doesn't seem to matter much - at it's core, a Lenderman song rings true.Manning Fireworks is a remarkable development in Mj Lenderman's story as an incredibly incisive singer-songwriter, whose propensity for humor always points to some uneasy, disorienting darkness. The punchlines are still here, as are the rusted-wire guitar solos that have made Lenderman a favorite for indie rock fans looking for an emerging guitar hero. There's a new sincerity, too, as Lenderman let's listeners clearly see the world through his warped lens.