Glitterer - Rationale [LP]


Format: Vinyl
Label: ANTI
Rel. Date: 02/23/2024
UPC: 045778804511

Rationale [LP]
Artist: Glitterer
Format: Vinyl


1. I Want To Be Invisible
2. The Same Ordinary
3. Plastic
4. Canít Feel Anything
5. Big Winner
6. Recollection
7. Certainty
8. Itís My Turn
9. Just A Place
10. No One There
11. My Lonely Lighting
12. Half Truth

More Info:

Offering fuzzy grunge-pop with doses of shimmering synths and emo angst, Ned Russin co-fronted Title Fight before halting in 2018 & Ned began playing music as Glitterer. Now a full band, Glitterer returns with Rationale combining 90s grunge, capital-R riffs a la The Stooges, & a keyboard lead that gives self-depre-cating melodrama., After relying more on synths for the entirely solo, home-recorded Glitterer LP in 2017, he involved collaborators on the crunchier Looking Through the Shades in 2019. This trend toward driving indie rock grit with Ď90s influences continued on 2021ís Life Is Not a Lesson and now Rationale.