Field Medic - Haunted, Haiku, Tattoo (2014-2017) [Colored Vinyl]


Format: Vinyl
Label: Alternate Side
Rel. Date: 12/22/2023
UPC: 061297792238

Haunted, Haiku, Tattoo (2014-2017) [Colored Vinyl]
Artist: Field Medic
Format: Vinyl


1. Mongols Pasture
2. Crushed Pennies
3. Meadowlark Blues
4. Wooden Chest
5. Cobweb Skirt
6. Broken Part
7. A Book Worth Reading
8. Iloveuimcrazyimsorry
9. GDG
10. P E G a S U S T H O T Z
11. Struck By Lightning Now
12. A Pikture of U
13. I Swallowed Five Silver Dollars ; Was a Prince Painting Flowers for An Evening
14. Clear Thoughts of Morning
15. Housekeys
16. Lighthouse
17. Me, My Gibberish, ; the Moon
18. Full Grown
19. Prowler
20. Signacs Flowers
21. War Memorial
22. Shadowboxing
23. Fuck You Grim Reaper
24. Cuz It Reminds Me of Stephanie
25. Afterlife
26. Antique Cup
27. Disrepair/Strange Dream
28. Speak Dark Presence
29. Flash Tattoos
30. Crazy Person
31. I Am Satan
32. Haunted, Haiku, Tattoo
33. Should I Try Being Gone?

More Info:

Field Medic is a beloved lo-fi folk artist from San Fransisco, now residing in LA. Through the last few years, he has grown a dedicated fanbase through his witty and often concise songs about the difficult and beautiful banalities of life. He is currently touring 500 cap rooms in Sept and Oct 2023 to support his more recent release, light is gone 2 via Run for Cover. Field Medic has touring history with The Backseat Lovers, The Neighborhood, Cavetown, and more. haunted, haiku, tattoo (2014-2017) is a selection of selection of six early Field Medic EPs on vinyl together for the first time. It features some of Field Medic's most popular tracks such as FULL GROWN and p e g a s u s t h o t z.