Melissa Errico - Soundheim In The City


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/28/2024
UPC: 061297937646

Soundheim In The City
Artist: Melissa Errico
Format: Vinyl


1. Dawn
2. Another Hundred People
3. Opening Doors/What More Do I Need?
4. Take Me to the World
5. Can That Boy Foxtrot
6. Anyone Can Whistle
7. Everybody Say Don't
8. Good Thing Going
9. Broadway Baby
10. Uptown, Downtown
11. It Wasn't Meant to Be
12. The Little Things You Do Together
13. Sorry-Grateful
14. Being Alive

More Info:

Melissa Errico is the "Sondheim woman" in Sondheim In The City. Devoted to Stephen Sondheim's songs about New York - from the beginning of his career to it's climaxes - Melissa's latest album highlights Sondheim's artistry while she inhabits one leading lady after another. From uptown to downtown and from sophisticated skyscraper heights to naïve basement depths, Sondheim In The City is a celebration of New York and it's legendary musical theatre composer.