Format: CD
Label: Nettwerk Records
Rel. Date: 09/24/2021
UPC: 067003127820

These Words Are All For You
Artist: Wrabel
Format: CD

More Info:

The new album is a refined, masterfully written, and cathartically performed collection that is 11 years in the making. Whether it's on tracks like the Billboard-applauded "good," the beautifully orchestrated "wish you well" (about the "tug of war" of letting go of past loves), the achingly reminiscent and sonically vast "London," the hauntingly sparse "don't pick up the phone" or the new single "nothing but the love" (whose video drops today), these words are all for you showcases what has made Wrabel a go-to for heart-shattering slice-of-life songwriting about finding love, losing it, and discovering oneself throughout the journey.