Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/10/2022
UPC: 067003652612

Songs To Break Up To EP [Clear White Vinyl]
Artist: Wild Rivers
Format: Vinyl


1. Left Off
2. Small Talk
3. Kinda Feels Alright
4. Do or Die
5. Thinking 'Bout Love
6. I Do

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Featuring "Thinking' Bout Love"

"If Fleetwood Mac had a 2020 version, it would be Wild Rivers." - American Songwriter "Sure to calm your soul and center your mind, the band invites listeners to get lost in their harmonious melodies and profound lyricism..." - Wonderland With exquisite harmonies, gorgeous melodies and emotionally charged, tightly crafted lyrics, Wild Rivers deliver their unique blend of folk-pop songs that are at once inviting and infectious. On the Songs To Break Up To EP, the band transposes personal experiences into relatable anthems woven from strands of folk, indie, rock, pop, country, and beyond. The EP brings Wild Rivers-Khalid Yassein [guitar, vocals, keys], Devan Glover [vocals, bass], Andrew Oliver [lead guitar, bass], and Julien Laferrière [drums]-closer as it also draws listeners in.