Format: CD
Rel. Date: 01/27/2023
UPC: 075678626821

Asking For A Ride
Artist: White Reaper
Format: CD


1. Asking for a Ride
2. Bozo
3. Fog MachineGetting Into Trouble w/ the Boss
4. Funny Farm
5. Pink Slip
6. Heaven or Not
7. Crawlspace
8. Thorn
9. Pages

More Info:

Recorded and largely self-produced in Nashville with the help of close friend and engineer Jeremy Ferguson, Asking for a Ride finds the Louisville band taking a more direct and in-your-face approach, prioritizing the collection’s raw energy and its ability to translate live through ripping and nervy compositions. It’s White Reaper at their most exciting - dialing up the chrome-plated riffs and monster hooks – a welcome reminder of just how much fun rock music can be. “We ask ourselves: ‘Does it sound good when we play it in the room together?’ And if it does, those are the songs we want to pursue,” vocalist/guitarist Tony Esposito noted. Guitarist Hunter Thompson concurred: “We started to recognize how we operate best as a band.”