Format: Vinyl
Label: Atlantic
Rel. Date: 01/20/2023
UPC: 075678634543

Never Had to Leave [LP]
Artist: Matt Maeson
Format: Vinyl


1. Blood Runs Red
2. Never Had To Leave
3. Cut Deep
4. Lonely As You
5. Cry Baby
6. Nelsonwood Lane
7. Twisted Tongue
8. Problems
9. Waltz Right In
10. Sanctified
11. A Memory Away
12. My Hand/Lawless Dream

More Info:

For Maeson, the making of ‘Never Had To Leave’ fulfills the restless creativity that’s relentlessly fueled his musical output. As he reveals, the process of creating Never Had To Leave reaffirmed the need to work at his own pace and follow his instincts without compromise. Never Had To Leave takes on a stunning tenderness as Maeson opens up about the infinite complexities and nuances of love. “This record taught me to take as long as I need to make the album I want, instead of pushing out something because of outside pressure,” he says. “I’ve never been someone to try and force the inspiration; I think you’ve got to go out and experience life to find something to write about. So for the most part, I just wait for the song to start writing itself, and hold onto the hope that it’ll keep happening that way for the rest of my life.”