Masta Ace & Marco Polo - Richmond Hill


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 01/26/2024
UPC: 0784085100175

Richmond Hill
Artist: Masta Ace & Marco Polo
Format: CD


1. December 26th (Skit)
2. Brooklyn Heights
3. Certified Feat. Coast Contra
4. Cartunes (Skit)
5. Hero Feat. Inspectah Deck
6. Life Music Feat. Stricklin ; Speech (Of Arrested Development)
7. Below the Clouds Feat. Blu
8. St. Roberts (Skit)
9. Heat of the Moment Feat. Pav Bundy
10. Jordan Theory
11. Money Problems Feat. CHE Noir
12. Scarborough (Skit)
13. P.P.E
14. Outside in Feat. C-Red ; E Smitty
15. Connections
16. Plant Based
17. December 25th (Skit)
18. All I Want Feat. Wordsworth

More Info:

Richmond Hill, the highly anticipated follow up to Masta Ace and Marco Polo's Breukelen Story, is inspired by Marco's childhood in the titular neighborhood, a small town in Ontario, just outside of Toronto. Between interstitials about Marco's passion for hip-hop and cartoons, his struggle with addiction, and the support of his parents, Marco Polo and Masta Ace tackle the issues of the day head-on with clarity, the rapper using his decades-worth of rapping experience to slice through the producer's warm soul samples and crisp percussion. A cinematic journey that explores how the past echoes through the present, the album welcomes guest appearances from notable names from all eras of rap history, including Inspectah Deck, Coast Contra, Blu, Che Noir, Speech of Arrested Development, Masta Ace's longtime collaborators Stricklin and Wordsworth, and many more.