Grateful Dead - Shakedown Street - 2024 [Brick & Mortar Exclusive, Sea Blue LP Vinyl]


Format: Vinyl
Label: Rhino Atlantic
Rel. Date: 07/26/2024
UPC: 081227819521

Shakedown Street - 2024 [Brick & Mortar Exclusive, Sea Blue LP Vinyl]
Artist: Grateful Dead
Format: Vinyl


1. Good Lovin' (2024 Remaster)
2. France (2024 Remaster)
3. Shakedown Street (2024 Remaster)
4. Serengetti (2024 Remaster)
5. Fire on the Mountain (2024 Remaster)
6. I Need a Miracle (2024 Remaster)
7. From the Heart of Me (2024 Remaster)
8. Stagger Lee (2024 Remaster)
9. All New Minglewood Blues (2024 Remaster)
10. If I Had the World to Give (2024 Remaster)

More Info:

Grateful Dead / SHAKEDOWN STREET - Limited-Edition, 1LP on Sea Blue Vinyl.

Newly Mastered by GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer David Glasser, with Plangent Processes™ tape restoration and speed correction. Produced for release by David Lemieux. "The Dead's second Arista album, 1978's SHAKEDOWN STREET was the follow up to their excellent and successful Terrapin Station album from the previous year. Drawing on several influences and inspirations including disco and world music, at it's heart, SHAKEDOWN STREET is an unabashed rock and roll album, filled with exceptional studio performances of some of the Dead's most-loved songs, including "Fire On The Mountain," "Stagger Lee," "I Need A Miracle," and the title track. A couple of reworked throwbacks from the Dead's earliest days, "Good Lovin'" and "All New Minglewood Blues," adds to the album's rock bona fides. Produced by none other than Little Feat's Lowell George, SHAKEDOWN STREET is a beautifully produced nuanced album that stands the test of time more than 45 years since it's release."