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Format: Vinyl
Label: Rad Girlfriend
Rel. Date: 07/02/2021
UPC: 082056012121

Waste My Heart
Artist: Raging Nathans & Starter Jackets
Format: Vinyl


1. Waste My Heart
2. Freedom
3. I Could Never Fall in Love with You
4. Wide Awake
5. Out of Touch
6. Remember
7. Cemetery Drive
8. Overworked
9. Tempus Fuck It
10. New Direction
11. Shadow of Youth
12. Beginning of the End

More Info:

Vinyl LP pressing. The Raging Nathans are back with an album less than a year after their last full length album and they have stepped it up in every way. Waste My Heart is their fourth studio album and it sees a major development in the band's songwriting. The ability to write 1 minute and 30 second punk rock rippers with anthemic choruses is now highlighted by their penchant for writing slightly more complex songs that blend intricate guitar work with the honest and introspective lyrics. This album proves their importance as a band to their peers and to themselves every step of the way. They are prolific, unapologetic and Waste My Heart cements their legacy in stone as the world's last great punk band. Every record they have released topped the one before it and Waste My Heart is no exception.