Format: DVD
Label: Vci Entertainment
Rel. Date: 02/08/2022
UPC: 089859899621

Santo Double Feature: Santo In The Wax Museum / Santo In The Treasure Of Dracula
Artist: Santo Double Feature: Santo in the Wax Museum
Format: DVD

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Santo in the Wax Museum: When people begin disappearing, Santo begins an investigation into the situation and soon learns a Dr. Carrol is behind what he finds are kidnappings, and the doctor is using the victims to create an army of monsters. Santo in the Treasure of Dracula: Brave and ingenious Santo gets his girlfriend to be the first to travel backwards in time to her past life as a colonial babe turned vampire. Rescued before her demise at the hands of vampire hunter Professor Van Roth, she returns with the knowledge of the whereabouts of the infamous vampire, Count Dracula's hidden treasure. Naturally, Santo and his friends decide to go and find it!