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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 08/07/2020
UPC: 090771822321

Psychedelic Sex Kicks (Original Soundtrack) [CD/DVD]
Artist: Various Artists
Format: CD


1. Like, Preview Time
2. A Thin Pad
3. LSD: The Last Plateau
4. Mind Bending Imagery
5. Universe Me Now
6. Happening Inside You Now
7. Sonic Spiraling
8. Lysergic Sitar Delusions
9. Sitar Sit Ra
10. Uptight And Hungup
11. Coming Down

More Info:

This 1967 sleazealogue about the sex and drug crazed San Francisco hippie underground is a strange trip soundtracked by the psychedelic sounds of sitar and tabla, backwards vocals, heavy breathing, satanic flutes bathed in tape delay, all underscoring the thoughts and hallucinations of the film's plastered protagonists. It's a sensual, id-shaking, mind-bending experience that may leave you forever changed! Includes a DVD of the entire film!