Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 08/11/2023
UPC: 090771828118

Hey Folks! It's Intermission Time! [Colored Vinyl] (Ylw)
Artist: Something Weird
Format: Vinyl


1. Welcome - Please Keep the Theatre Clean
2. Let's All Go to the Lobby
3. Popcorn and Candy, Yum Yum
4. The Greatest Show on Earth
5. Lots of Pretty Pickles
6. Carnation Whipped Hot Cocoa
7. Oh the Time Is Now, the Time Is Here
8. You'll Love Corn Dogs
9. James River Smithfield BBQ
10. Ready to Serve All of You
11. Instrumental Intermission
12. No Smoking, No Littering, No Talking... Please
13. Sprite Intermission
14. Shrimp Rolls / Hot Meatball Sandwich
15. Tony's Pizza
16. Instrumental Intermission
17. Going to the Movies with Harry
18. Buttercup Popcorn
19. Pik Insect Repellant
20. Pepsi Instrumental Intermission
21. Go Man Go Dr. Pepper Jingle
22. Oh We Ride in the Rodeo Jingle
23. Orange Crush Jingle
24. Ladies ; Gentlemen - Our Next Attraction
25. Goodies Machine
26. Sprite Instrumental Intermission
27. Pepsi Jingle
28. Candy Bar Intermission
29. Thanks for Coming to Our Show Tonite!
30. 3 Minute Clock Countdown
31. Drizzle Guard
32. Instrumental Intermission
33. Instrumental Intermission
34. 5 Minute Clock Countdown
35. It's Intermission Time at the Lake City Drive-In Theatre, Florida
36. It's Great to Go to a Drive-In Show at the Lake City Drive-In Theatre, Florida
37. Fine Entertainment Farewell
38. Please Replace the Speaker
39. SWV Sound Effect

More Info:

Limited yellow colored vinyl LP pressing. Welcome to the sweet-but-savory, suspiciously sticky, and slightly sinful world of old-school movie theater intermission messages. It's where big-band jazz, psychedelic rock, sequin-bedecked disco, virgin vanilla orchestrated pop, and more are pressed into service, with your satisfaction as the solitary goal!