Format: Vinyl
Label: Yoga Records
Rel. Date: 01/05/2024
UPC: 090952255986

Paradise Bird
Artist: Joel Andrews
Format: Vinyl


1. Paradise Bird
2. Chamber of the Heart
3. Ambhori
4. Andalusian Fantasy

More Info:

From his appearance on Alan Watts' This Is It to his epic piece on I Am The Center, the prolific Joel Andrews is the suzerain of new age harp. And what Vision Songs is to Laraaji's catalog, Paradise Bird is for Joel Andrews - the outlier, the beautiful odd one; summery, jubilant, captivating. Joined by partner and fellow harpist Serafina Andrews and friend, vocalist and genius of the kalimba Pinche Pete Velasquez, this beautiful record has the power to calm the fussiest babies. Presented on vinyl for the first time-directly from the original master tapes with no digital step-this 1985 cassette-only release has the power to cure your depression.