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Format: Vinyl
Label: SFW
Rel. Date: 01/22/2021
UPC: 093074508411

A Mind Of Your Own
Artist: Bright Siders
Format: Vinyl


1. The Song About Songs
2. In This Together (Skit)
3. The Mad Day
4. Sad Is Not Forever
5. The New Kid (Skit)
6. Forever Friends
7. You Do You
8. A Lot in Common (Skit)
9. Vamos a Jugar, Let's Go Play
10. Super Busy Kids (Skit)
11. Jumping Through Hoops
12. The Talent Show Tryouts (Skit)
13. Oops! I Made a Mistake
14. Were You Ever Afraid of the Dark? (Skit)
15. The Moon ; the Stars ; Me
16. Just Keep on Walking (Skit)Bully This
17. A Mind of Your Own (Skit)
18. The Song About Songs

More Info:

A Mind of Your Own is the debut release from The Bright Siders, the duo of acclaimed songwriter and musician Kristin Andreassen and NYC child psychiatrist Kari Groff, MD. Brimming with uplifting and empowering songs, the album invites it's listeners to think deeply on feelings and emotions that come with growing up, while focusing on resilience and mindset.  Along with a slew of all-star guests including Ed Helms, The War and Treaty, Oh Pep!,  The Hokes (a.k.a. Punch Brothers), Gaby Moreno, and more, The Bright Siders bring profound sensitivity and vivacity to songs about friendship, bullying, anger, acceptance of others, and coping with sadness and change. This music is sure to spark meaningful conversations and bring families closer as they explore the beauty and complexity of their emotional lives together.