Format: CD
Label: Arts Music
Rel. Date: 07/30/2021
UPC: 093624879480

Masters Of Universe: Revelation (Netflix V1) / Ost
Artist: Bear Mccreary (Mod)
Format: CD


1. Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Extended Version)
2. Skeletor, Lord of Destruction
3. Orko's Bubble
4. Sorceress Under Siege
5. He-Man Transforms
6. The Power of Grayskull
7. The Mighty Motherboard of Tri-Klops
8. As Goes Eternia
9. Finding Duncan
10. Scare Glow, Lord of Subternia
11. Evil-Lyn Opens Heaven's Gate
12. Lament for a Friend (Feat. Raya Yarbrough)
13. Intro Preternia
14. Teela Joins the Wild Hunt
15. Roboto Reforges
16. From Man to God

More Info:

The war for Eternia culminates in MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: REVELATION, the innovative and action-packed animated series that picks up where the iconic characters left off decades ago. This companion soundtrack features score by EMMYr Award-Winning composer Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, God of War, Outlander, Freaky, The Walking Dead, 10 Cloverfield Lane). The soundtrack is arranged in narrative order to recreate the emotional journey of the season: after a cataclysmic battle between He-Man and Skeletor, Eternia is fractured and the Guardians of Grayskull are scattered. And after decades of secrets tore them apart, it's up to Teela to reunite the broken band of heroes, and solve the mystery of the missing Sword of Power in a race against time to restore Eternia and prevent the end of the universe.