Format: CD
Label: Steven Halpern's Inn
Rel. Date: 08/06/2021
UPC: 093791807620

Relax Into Sleep At The Speed Of Sound, Vol. 2
Artist: Steven Halpern
Format: CD

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Biofeedback research has proven that the brain is automatically entrained (synchronized) by audible tones mixed subtly into music. RELAX into SLEEP vol. 2 432 Hz features entrainment tones in the slow delta range (1-3 cycles per second, or Hz). Much like rhythm entrainment in which the heartbeat is entrained to the beat of the drum, brainwave entrainment is more subtle but nevertheless profound.These new compositions combine Halpern's signature soothing sleep-scapes featuring the healing tones of his Rhodes electric piano. Orchestrated with sophisticated arrangements of ambient, atmospheric keyboards. More people go to sleep to Steven's music than any other composer, and so will you.'Insufficient Sleep is a Public Health Epidemic!' -CDCMany people never consider using music to help them fall asleep instead of taking OTC and prescription drugs. Indeed, most music includes hidden stress factors built into the melodic and harmonic structure that keep the mind active and keep you awake.Steven Halpern's music is different. It's unique sound and structure relieves stress on contact. RELAX into SLEEP vol. 2 432 Hz offers a dreamy 'pillow of sound' that features the Rhodes electric piano, ambient keyboards and healing frequencies.