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Format: CD
Label: CHN
Rel. Date: 01/22/2021
UPC: 095115219621

Complete Grainger Edition
Artist: Grainger
Format: CD


1. Chan 9493Orchestral Works I
2. Chan 9584Orchestral Works II
3. Chan 9839Orchestral Works III
4. Chan 9499Works for Chorus and Orchestra I
5. Chan 9554Works for Chorus and Orchestra II
6. Chan 9653Works for Chorus and Orchestra III
7. Chan 9721Works for Chorus and Orchestra IV
8. Chan 9987Works for Unaccompanied Chorus
9. Chan 9549Works for Wind Orchestra I
10. Chan 9630Works for Wind Orchestra II
11. Chan 9746Works for Chamber Ensemble I
12. Chan 9819Works for Chamber Ensemble II
13. Chan 9730Songs for Mezzo-Soprano
14. Chan 9610Songs for Tenor
15. Chan 9503Songs for Baritone
16. Chan 9702Works for Piano
17. Chan 9895Works for Solo Piano I
18. Chan 9919Works for Solo Piano II
19. Chan 10205Works for Solo Piano III

More Info:

Released to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the death in 1961 of Percy Grainger, The Complete Grainger Edition contains all twenty-one Chandos albums of his works in a luxurious boxed set. The Australian-born composer and pianist was one of music's most original voices and his compositions, especially his arrangements of folksongs, include some of the world's most well-loved pieces. He studied piano from an early age and, by the time he reached the age of twenty, had already thought out or formulated the majority of his compositions. The following years saw him feverishly reworking and re-arranging these pieces for different forces; in fact it was Grainger who conceived the idea of 'elastic' scoring: a work having an almost limitless number of performable versions, all showing a wonderful sense of instrumental coloring. An enthusiastic participant in the English folksong movement, Grainger collected more than 500 folksongs, on which he drew both for his impressive original works and for his imaginative arrangements, 'Country Gardens' and 'Molly on the Shore' being among the best known. Towards the end of his life, Grainger became fascinated with the idea of 'Free Music', music not limited by time or pitch intervals. The mechanical devices he created in partnership with the scientist Burnett Cross are today regarded as crude forerunners to the modern electronic synthesizer.