Better Than A Thousand - Just One


Format: Vinyl
Label: Revelation Records
Rel. Date: 04/18/2015
UPC: 098796006016

Just One
Artist: Better Than A Thousand
Format: Vinyl

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Finger pointing, jump kicking, stage pile-ons and mosh breaks: BETTER THAN A THOUSAND delivers everything you need from hardcore, by a group of experts trained at the old school. Released in 1997, this record brought together some hardcore veterans to show how itís done: Vocalist Ray Cappo earned his stripes as frontman for straight-edge legends YOUTH OF TODAY and the Krishna-conscious band SHELTER; guitarist Graham Land served in WORLDS COLLIDE, SHELTER and BATTERY; drummer Ken Olden played guitar in WORLDS COLLIDE, BATTERY and DAMNATION A.D.


1. Live Today, 2. It Never Rains, 3. Just One, 4. Motivation, 5. We Spoke Our Minds, 6. Nightclub, 7. You Were The One, 8. Alternative Nation, 9. When Seasons Change, 10. Is It Education...?, 11. Apology, 12. Sunshine