McKinney, Lee / Abate, Greg / Cooper, Matt - Reflection In Two Shades


Format: CD
Label: Summit(Classical)
Rel. Date: 03/22/2024
UPC: 099402819921

Reflection In Two Shades
Artist: McKinney, Lee / Abate, Greg / Cooper, Matt
Format: CD


1. A Shade of Jade
2. A Living Doll
3. Lenwood
4. The Bebop Vampire
5. Rebecca
6. Samba de la Vamos Nos
7. Bird's Eye View
8. Reflection in Two Shades
9. The Jazz Messenger

More Info:

Lee McKinney, a talented and versatile jazz drummer, is based in Yellow Springs, Ohio, a half-hour east of Dayton and an hour away from both Cincinnati and Columbus. He recalls how he got started: "When I was a kid, I heard drummers on the Ed Sullivan Show and I always loved the sound of a good snare drum. When I was in the fifth grade my parents rented me a snare drum kit, I was soon in the band in school and, by the time I was a freshman in high school, I decided that I wanted to see if I could make a career out of playing drums." Lee has succeeded at his goal, uplifting a countless number of groups through the years. Most notable among his associations was working with veteran saxophonist Norris Turney who was with Duke Ellington's orchestra during 1969-73. "Art Blakey, Philly Joe Jones and Max Roach are the three drummers who have had the strongest influences on my playing. Their styles of playing have seeped into what I play." He pays tribute to all three masters during various selections on his new album. Reflections In Two Shades is a major step forward in Lee McKinney's career for it not only has him playing drums in a world-class quartet but it features his compositions. "I've had it in the back of my mind for a long time that I wanted to make a CD of all-original material. These songs were written over a long period of time. In fact, while some are new, a couple were originally assignments in composition class in college that I've updated." For the notable project, Lee was particularly happy to have the great altoist Greg Abate aboard. "Greg and I have been friends for over 20 years and he is a masterful player on all of his instruments. A piano friend of mine from Oregon, Matt Cooper, was my first choice and was fortunately available. He was actually a teacher of mine during my senior year in college. And I was also lucky enough to get one of the best bass players in this area, Chris Berg."