Format: Vinyl
Label: Mexican Summer
Rel. Date: 06/25/2021
UPC: 184923130911

Fatigue [LP]
Artist: L'Rain
Format: Vinyl


1. Fly, Die
2. Find it
3. Round Sun
4. Blame Me
5. Black Clap
6. Suck Teeth
7. Love Her
8. Kill Self
9. Not Now
10. Two Face
11. Walk Through
12. I V
13. Need Be
14. Take Two

More Info:

The second album from Brooklyn-born artist LíRain is a sprawling meditation on her own fatigued world. Heavily blending genres (thus making new unnameable space for herself) including but not limited to gospel, jazz, and neo-soul. Wildly innovative yet strangely familiar, ecstatic but sombre, groovy and ambient, Fatigue is a pendulum of emotion and sound that tests the boundaries of joy and of grief, only to discover their beautiful, messy entanglement.