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Format: Collectibles
Label: KOTO
Rel. Date: 11/30/2020
UPC: 190526021211

Kotobukiya - In/Spectre - Kotoko Iwanaga
Artist: In/Spectre: Kotoko Iwanaga
Format: Collectibles

More Info:


From the TV anime series, "In/Spectre," the Goddess of Wisdom with only one eye and one leg, Kotoko Iwanaga, is joining Kotobukiya's lineup of scale figures!

Sitting on the fingertips of a skeleton hand emerging from the dark depths, Kotoko can be seen holding her trademark stick and wearing her signature beret. Each aspect of this character was carefully recreated with fine detail such as the belt that is attached to her prosthetic left leg.

The komainu (white/black) that appear around Kotoko to provide support are also recreated. Despite their small size, the flames on their bodies are made with clear parts to create a more realistic feel and presence.

Furthermore, the beret has a magnet inside so users can attach and remove the beret as they please.

Be sure to add this cute yet unladylike figure to your collection!