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Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 11/17/2020
UPC: 191092709770

House Of Seven Corpses / (Mod Dol)
Artist: House Of Seven Corpses
Format: DVD

More Info:

The House of Seven Corpses is a 1974 American horror film starring John Ireland, Faith Domergue and John Carradine. A director courts disaster by filming a horror movie in an actual haunted house. During the filming a zombie (The Ghoul) is awoken by a magical chant from The Book of the Dead. Actress Faith Domergue (Gayle Dorian) plays an actress playing a Satan worshipper. Faith reads from a copy of the Tibetan Book of the Dead and chants in Latin, 'may the dead rise and come to me'. The creature is summoned and starts by killing everyone in and around the house starting with Price (John Carradine), who ventured into the graveyard after hearing some suspicious noises. At the same time Eric (John Ireland) the Director, and his assistant David (Jerry Strickler), venture into the graveyard and discover Price's dead body. To his horror Eric discovers an eighth grave which bears David's name. David emerges from this grave as a zombie and everyone flees from him. But do they all get away? David then finds his girlfriend Anne (Carole Wells) drowned and floating in a nearby pond. What will become of them all? And can they escape David, the zombie in time? This is a magnificent horror flick with lots of good acting and loads of screams - something to give you nightmares about