Erika Casier  De - Still


Format: CD
Label: 4AD
Rel. Date: 02/23/2024
UPC: 191400063921

Artist: Erika Casier De
Format: CD


1. Right This Way 01:47
2. Home Alone 03:30
3. Lucky 03:24
4. The Princess 02:16
5. Erika de Casier feat. They Hate Change - ice 02:46
6. Test It 02:46
7. ooh 04:03
8. Believe It 03:07
9. Anxious 02:08
10. Erika de Casier feat. Shygirl - Ex-Girlfriend 03:35
11. Toxic 03:03
12. My Day Off 03:34
13. Erika de Casier feat. Blood Orange - Twice 03:43
14. Someone 03:26

More Info:

2024 release. The 33-year-old Danish singer, songwriter and producer built a cult following with her 2019 debut album Essentials, and emphatically lopped off that "cult" designation with 2021's Sensational, her first album for 4AD. In the past few years, she's performed at some of the biggest festivals in the world, written for pop stars (such as New Jeans) and sung on hyped dance tracks. But when she ushers you into the expanses of her third album-with a coy "Welcome... it's gonna be a lot of fun"-she's inviting you to leave any crass The Nordics' Next Big Thing or Rising Alt-Pop Star epithets at the door, next to your shoes and coat. de Casier may have won a lot of new fans in the past three years, and a lot of high-profile collaborators, but as this album's title confirms, she's the same old Erika de Casier.