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Format: CD
Label: RTUS
Rel. Date: 02/26/2021
UPC: 191402018929

Amperland Ny
Artist: Pinegrove
Format: CD


1. Moment
2. Dotted Line
3. No Drugs
4. The Alarmist
5. Morningtime
6. Sunday
7. Alcove
8. Thanksgiving
9. Peeling Off the Bark
10. On Jet Lag
11. The Metronome
12. Skylight
13. Spiral
14. Overthrown
15. Hairpin
16. Need
17. Endless
18. Amulets/Light on
19. Paterson ; Leo
20. Phase
21. Intrepid

More Info:

Founded by childhood friends Evan Stephens Hall and Zack Levine, Pinegrove have already crafted three fantastic albums - Everything So Far (2015), Cardinal (2016), and Skylight (2018) - and achieved massive critical acclaim and a widespread and devoted listenership. The band's latest album (and first for Rough Trade) Marigold, arrived in January of 2020, and it's themes of reflection and resilience have resonated through an especially tumultuous year. Now with tours cancelled and time on their hands, the band have decided to put together something special for their fans.


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